Monday, July 18, 2011

A little bit of Yumminess

I'm here!!! HELLO!!!
Today I have another wonderful project that was shown at convention which was a fabulous cup-cake box! In saying that I didn't take down any of the dimensions so have since then looked on the net to find something similar, that's when I came across THIS. I made this little cutie for dear Sarai!
I love that you can add surprise messages inside too

This is a small box so just prefect for a "healthy" cupcake or a smaller recipe one!

There is only 13 more days to order from the Autumn/Winter mini (the cupcake punch and the greetings for this project are from it,) so do get your orders in before it's too late!!
I hope that your day is full of yumminess!!!

Monday, July 4, 2011

Straight from the wonderful Shelli

One of the wonderful things that I came away with at convention (as there were HEAPS!!!) was this gorgeous little gift box idea from the very amazing, stunning Shelli!!! Yes she WOW'ed the audience with the left overs from the inside roll of the glue dots!!
Here is my take on it
Now for a look inside

It all keeps nicely closed with the brad and some thread wrapped around!! Soooo pretty and perfectly wonderful for that special something!

p.s I know it's been AGES so thanks for being patient!! I've had at least 7 w'shops in this last 14 days and with all the prep.... well it's not left any time to blog! Love ya all though and will try and be back with some more inspiration soon! :)