Saturday, August 20, 2011

Our Family holiday

I'm just here to quickly tell all of you- my wonderful friends that if you'd like to know more about our family holiday please go over to our family blog THE TORRENTS TIMES. I've been posting small snippets of our trip there and would love for you to pop on over and say HI!
This is Terri and I, from Australia Zoo, wife to the famous Crocodile hunter Steve Irwin!!! We went to the zoo for Bindi's 13th Rock and Roll birthday party and I asked for a picture with this wonderful woman! It was the best day!!!!
Hope your Saturday is super duper and wonderful!

Friday, August 19, 2011

I made some time

HELLO!!!! I'm sending huge hello's and hugs and smiles from NSW, Bateman's Bay to be exact as my family continue our 5 week holiday!
I must say it's been the best time and sadly it's nearly at it's end but I wanted to pop on in and remind you all that for the things that we love YOU HAVE TO MAKE TIME!!!

This is me doing some scrapping while we were on the Gold Coast. Allan soooo wonderfully took the treasures out for a ride so I could get busy scrapping some of our newest memories! It was super fun!
I'm really looking forward to doing some more once home with some amazing goodies from the New Idea Book and Catty (now only 12 more day's till release!!!!!!!!!)
I hope that you can make some time for that something you enjoy!!
Catch you again soon......