Saturday, April 28, 2012

Time for the Titanic

On the 14th April, just a few Saturday nights ago I held a Titanic party in my home. It was for all the wonderful Homeschooling Mum's that I fellowship with each and every Thursday at Home Ed. We try and get together each month for some special hang out time. It's really great and this month we came up with the idea to have a fancy dress party for the 100th anniversary of the Titanic's sinking.
If you know me at all you will know that it's all about the presentation!!! These are pictures of the "tickets" that I sent to each Mum so they could get "on board!"

I then HAD TO HAVE a back drop for the evening and so got busy sketching and then painting the Grand Staircase. It was sooooo much fun to make this come to life, I was really happy with the end result and everyone loved it too! YAY!

I asked my Mum and sister for all their "old" pieces of furniture and accessories to decorate the rest of my home, tablecloths, hat's, old lamps and candles! It was soooo much fun and I had a blast recreating the look of the Titanic and the era of the 1912's.

The fabulous Dress I found at the opp shop, finished off with my sisters gloves
and my Nan's antique necklace.

The other ladies of the evening:
Myself, Andrea, Christine, Cheryl and Amanda

Being a party at my place there was of course.... GAMES! I love games!! We played the Memory game with a whole bunch of old things on a tray that you had time to look and then write down what you could remember from the tray and lastly a Trivia game. All in all it was a wonderful evening with scrummy food (taken from the Titanic menu) and super fabbo company!

My dear Friend

This is a page I made for a calander for my very lovely and wonderful friend Carli, she's not only a super woman but my downline and dearest, bestest buddy!! It's always a good idea to make pages about yourself, looking deep within and liking, even loving what you see! I made this page after seeing the clever Claire do one about herself years ago!!

My dear friend I'm thinking of you today!! I hope that your day and the rest of your weekend is bright and happy and blessed! Praying for you and God's mighty strength to surround you!
What a special lady you are!!!
Love ya heaps beautiful Carli,

Monday, April 9, 2012

Happy Easter... He is Risen!

It is the Easter weekend and we (our family and I) have had a wonderful time celebrating together and enjoying this special time of the year!
We attended a Sunrise service yesterday and then today had my sister and her hubbie over for a scrummy brunch! (love brunch!!) The children also received Easter morning two very cute fluffy bunnies!! Oh sooo sweet!!

This is a picture of the cards I made for just a few special some one's!!
(check out how to HERE!)
It's nice to go with a theme that's not all about eggs and bunnies!!
I hope that this week of holidays is wonderful for you all!!