Thursday, June 9, 2011

"How to" in making a Torn Paper Frame

Well here it is!!! I have had a lot of you wonderful people asking me how to make my Torn Paper frame that I showed at the SU convention last month. SO without any more waiting... here it is!!!

Firstly you need to cut out a cirlce shape in the center of your card (you can punch one out but I find that it's too close to the edge and so doesn't leave much to make the frame, works well on a smaller piece of card though)
(note if you want to add a background as I have done here,
this needs to be stamped first before you start to tear, it will make it easier for later!!)

If you want to add another layer then cut another hole out and then place them on top of each other, adhering with some snail or glue.

Start tearing out the circles you've cut, it's best to be as rough as possible as that adds more effect! I tend to pull down and move the card around as I go

Keep tearing and pulling and scrunching to create the desired look.

Here is the finished frame

If you find that there's too much card hanging down for your frame then just tear some off the edges and this will fix it nicely!

Put some tape right on the edge of the frame at the back ready for your focal point piece

Add the rest of your embellishments and there you have it!!!!!

What do you think?????
I'd love for you to show me what you come up with!!! Please leave a comment with your link and I'll be sure to pop on over and say HI!!!! Have fun and enjoy this very easy, no need for anything extra, technique!!!!


Cassie said...

Great tutorial, Sharnee. . .I'll have to try it :D

Bronwyn Eastley said...

Very, very cool. Thanks for including a tutorial as I now have one to link to when I get around to trying out this fabulous idea.

Sarah-Jane Kalé said...

You are an absolute GEM!!!... Thankyou for this and THANKYOU for your gorgeous phone call the other day.. I'm SO sorry I missed you!!!.
Righty off to practise getting my Torn Paper Frames looking as FABULOUS as yours.

xx SJ

Tania Gould said...

Fantastic tutorial - I'll definitly have to give it a go! Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Thanks beautiful!! I love this card, loving your dotty flowers too. Roughly what width do you cut your paper for the flowers please?
sending BIG squeezy hugs your way,
xxxx Carli

Christine Blain said...

Great tutorial, love - thank you! This is definitely on my "to try" list; will refer back to this when I'm sorted. Loved your Wow at Convention, and love this tutorial; you're so clever! Thanks for sharing xx

Lee said...

Hello lovely lady!

Your convention wows were truly WOW! I am so chuffed to have met the gorgeous girl behind all that talent, and I promise that at next convention I won't be too shy for hugs!!

Have a wonderful week

Lulla xx

Diane Barnes said...

Hi Sharnee
Thanks heaps for the wonderful tutorial. I was a bit scared to try a torn frame, as distressing is not really my usual style, but I'm so glad I did.

Even better, it was so lovely to meet you at convention. Hope to see you again next year.
Inky hugs, Di

PS: if you'd like to see my attempt at a torn frame, you can find it here: