Saturday, April 9, 2016

Cats and Holiday crafting....Some of my favourite things!

Cats and craft, certainly some of my favourite things! (though there isn't much room for the crafting bit right about now.... hee he!) Hoping that by the end of the holidays there will have been HEAPS of crafting goodness happening right here! Cobweb and Chokolait sure like the set up!
 Cobweb has spotted something outside.... 
When Chokolait had a turn she was too interested in all the fun bits on the table!

Friday, April 1, 2016

Teenage boy card and diy gift!


When you are needing a cool teenage BOY card what do you do?? What is the first thing you KNOW that you will add, or the colour/s that you will choose?? I'm guessing that I'll be a pro at teenage boy and girls cards as the years unfold and my children grow older! This card was for Zeke's friend who was turning 13!!
We handmade a gift, this cool cushion for him and with the funky font that Zeke found I decided to continue with the theme and add that to the card! Blockhead Alphabet is the star, well the triangle of the card (now a retired set) and with some simple vellum for the number and twine the card was done!
The cushion was such a hit that Zeke was keen to have one also.... guess what he got for Easter? (Instead of LOADS of chocolate!) His own "Wake up and Be Awesome" cushion!!