Thursday, April 15, 2010

the joy of creating!

Do you ever take a step back and check out the space you are TRYING to work in!!?? As I was preparing for stamp club and Kim and my Autumn/Winter launch I did exactly that... rolled back me chair and had a good look at the mess I had created!!

Of course I've worked in much worse!! (As I'm sure you all have!!) It's kinda fun actually when you're really on a roll and the tape pieces are mounting up, packets of brads and bits of ribbon are collecting and your blotting paper is getting all excited about what will get stamped on him NEXT!!
I'm sure the ink pads, card stock and stamp sets are eagerly waiting, hoping that today will be their turn to make something wonderful. They sit there thinking to themselves
"Ooohh, I'd work well with that, PICK ME, PICK ME!!"
Then as their work is done and they (patiently) wait to be cleaned and popped back in there rightful place (which could be a few days..) they happily chit chat about life's going on's and boast excitedly about there latest "project!!"

Smiles Sharnee :0)

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Anonymous said...

I see clear mount stamps among that stuff. What's your verdict??
love Carli