Tuesday, May 11, 2010

My Mother's Day

Do you ever have that thought that on Mother's Day your children should be PERFECT!!! And I don't mean just for the morning while they shower you with love and gifts and maybe breakfast in bed, but ALL DAY!!! Not a single time-out or attitude punched comment, not a tantrum or a foot put out of place....
that a perfect Mother's day would be when your precious ones simply acted divinely ALL DAY, and you didn't have to correct or yell ONCE!!!!

It's a nice dream to have don't you think????

Well last year I made a calender and for this month I've had a blank page just waiting to have a pic of my now 4 wonderful treasures!!! SO I got Allan onto the camera and we headed outside to my favourite place in the garden.....I have to say that for a few seconds the kiddies were quite co-operative but then as Allan clicked away it all started to go pear shape....

(here Ezekiel is starting to wish all 2 minutes of it was over,
and note Hannah too here..)

then Sophia lost it ....

and as a result so did Hannah and I!!!

So instead of wishing the IMPOSSIBLE I'm so thankful for my life, the reality that these amazing little people, I have the joy of watching, teaching and LOVING!!! I am their MUM, the one they turn to for a cuddle, the one they love every day cause I'm their mum!!! Being a mum is one of the best things EVER, I wouldn't change it for the world and I love my four adorable little treasures so incredible much!!!!! (even through those horrible tantrums!!!)

Happy Belated Mother's Day wonderful mum's out there, you really do such a super duper job!!
Smiles and Hugs and Laughs
SHarnee :0)


The Stampin Cupboard said...

What lovely photos sharnee, and what beautiful memories to cherish

Anonymous said...

love these photos, so typical of trying to get a family photo. They tell a great story, thanks for making me smile :)
xxxx Carli

heather cudmore said...

lovely post Sharn... so true of being a Mum.Thanks for all your sharing and inspiring, and for making me smile :)xxx

Heather said...

You are an inspiration to all women Sharnee and I agree with Heather thanks for making us smile xxx

Steve, Lynn and Laura said...

Great photos Sharnee, they made me smile and laught, they are just wonderful..Lovely to see your beautiful family XXOO