Monday, June 7, 2010

Our Holiday {part 2}

So here we go with the next chapter of our family holiday!
WARNING: this is a really, REALLY, REALLY long one so get comfy peoples!!

On Sunday we had set aside time to see the sites of Sydney!

Me at the really cool fountain thingy at Darling Harbour

It was one of the things we were really looking forward to, to actually see the Opera House and the Sydney Harbour bridge in REAL LIFE!! The kids have seen it sooo many times on Playschool and the like that it was a MUST before leaving. You can imagine our dis-pleasement (Hey I've made up a new word!! He he :0) when we woke and the rain was coming down! Now in the days prior this had been the same but it had cleared on and off (every time Allan went out and about actually) so we thought that it would be the same today! We soon found out that this was NOT going to be the case!! BOTHER!!
Armed with multiply umbrella's (2 of which we, Carli and I bought at Memento Mall last convention - COOL!) and our coats we headed out to SEE THE HARBOUR!! We firstly got on the monorail, this was fun, the kids filled me in on all the info as they had travelled on it already. Then we got to the Harbour and had to walk around to find where we caught the ferry to take us past Sydney's two most famous land marks!

Allan at the undercover dock waiting for the ferry

With it still raining we walked for (what seemed like ages with 3 tired kiddies, a baby asleep in my arms and 3 adults who by this time were wishing we could leave!! BUT we HAD TO SEE THE TOURIST ATTRACTIONS..... HAD TO!!!!!!) Finally we found the right dock! YAY we were under cover and didn't have to wait very long which was super!

on the ferry checking out the Sydney Harbour Bridge

It was great to finally see the bridge! The kids studied bridges and what different types there are before leaving for our holiday so this was exciting. It really is HUGE isn't it??!!

Say Cheese!

Then we spotted the Opera House!! It looked GREY!?! I thought it was White!!! The colour change, so I found out, was because of the amazingly delightful weather (sarcasm at it's best!) and on a bright sunny day it definitely is a white colour! We got off the ferry and walked some more, (did I mention in the rain!) to the really cool paver's that lead up to the Opera House.
Standing on the really cool paver's with Opera House behind

They look like mini opera houses themselves, all done in a arched pattern-very clever design. This is where we gathered to have a photo.....
Still we wanted more, we wanted to walk the steps!!! Carli took Esther back to shelter and the rest of us marched on forth to the steps!! Up to the Top and back down again (didn't have our camera here, bother!!)

Enjoying a cuddle on the ferry

Once re-grouping it was UNANIMOUS to get the heck out of there and hit the road ASAP!! By the end of all the walks the sky did actually clear so we took one last photo and headed for the car.

The drive to Nowra was good, though LONG! We had multiply stops including one for food, and then one for Esther who had decided at that point that enough was ENOUGH and she wanted out!!!!! We tried rocking her to sleep outside while the fabulous Mrs Green did leap frog over the railings!! (this is one of my best bits of the trip!) Count on Mrs Green (Carli) to put the FUN in a situation that from the outside looks grim and frustrating!!! She had them doing zig zag courses, I even saw her flip a CART WHEEL!! (you go girl!) then the leap frog..... which as age would have it (though I'm 5 years older!) had her hit her knee causing AN INSTANT BRUISE!! (NOT FUNNY!! well just a little bit!!) Back to the car, Esther was FAR to interested in the laughter and surroundings to even think about sleeping now!!!
Let me put it this way... we had all hoped that we'd land at the Greens by, well 3-4ish!! Instead after only leaving the harbour at after 2pm we FINALLY arrived at 5.45pm!!! YAY we were there!!!!
Emily being lifted by Zeke and William being lifted by Hannah!

It was hugs all round and straight into cooking our (let's fill up on LOADS of veggies after eating LOADS of take-away) pumpkin Soup!

Over the course of the week we did LOADS of things.... most of which was just simply relaxing and enjoying hanging out with our wonderful friends.

Monday: was a home day...

Relaxing in the Hammock with Mrs Green (Callum is the youngest of the Green family)

Tuesday: was my 34th birthday.... I got these AWESOME pressies,

Ugg boots from Allan, can you believe they have a paisley design!! Perfect for a stamper like me! This wonderful cook book from The Greens. (as they were the ones who got us HOOKED on Master Chef last year when we visited!)

We went to a water front park and had scrummy vanilla number biscuits (Carli's specialty!) and delicious Lemon cupcakes as my b'day cake! YUMMO!! That night we had all the kiddies looked after (altogether there's 7) and the 4 of us adults went out for tea! It was completely wonderful and the food was very, VERY scrummy!!

Having sweets at Tuscany Wood Fired Restaurant

Wednesday: there was MORE RAIN and so we went to the local aquatic center. Here Esther had her first swim!! On this day too she rolled over for the first time!!! Then the arvo was filled with making houses!!

Ok guys let's BUILD!

Mrs Green (again here comes the fun!) cooked up house panels and the kids happily decorated and made there own house to then eat for dessert that night, and the next night and I think the night after that... he he

look at perfect those biscuits are.. and those cute children!

Thursday: Allan, the kids and I headed to Stocklands at Shell Harbour in which we did some shopping. I got these super great bargains......

Bargain for the day had to be those boots: only $19.95!!

Friday we (Carli, ALL the kiddies and I) were taken to an old playing place that she used to go as a child. It was a peaceful trickling creek that was wonderful to play in, fall in and be greeted with many mosquitoes too!! It was also FRIDAY FAMILY FUN DAY!!! (say this in a loud radio like voice..) Yes Friday's are BIG days in the Torrents' household and to join up with the Greens was FABBO!!
Callum and Sophia were never far from Esther's side

So what does FRIDAY FAMILY FUN DAY involve? (again with load radio like voice!!) It means home made pizza for tea and a movie!! On the BIG SCREEN baby!! The Green's have made a "parents room" which has a HUGE projector to watch your very own movies in!! It's totally like going to the cinema only BETTER!! It took nearly all afternoon to prep and make the pizza's and in saying that we COMPLETELY OVER CATERED!!!We had potato and garlic, Meat lovers, Satay chicken, Hawaiian, William's favourite (ham and cheese with egg on top! Yes I know interesting indeed but don't knock it till you've tried it!) and lastly the good old Supreme!! Ummmm they were all so good but we hardly put a dent in them so I'm sure the Green's will be eating them for the next 2-3 Friday's to come! he he!!

Saturday: was our last day... We just did odd jobs, packed ready for the early rise (6am on Sunday) and then because it was raining, YES AGAIN!! We sat and watched a Master Chef marathon!! It was sooo cool! All the episodes we had taped through the week we sat and watched!

Sunday: Left our dear friends and ended our holiday. We left bright and early and Andrew kindly drove us all to the Sydney airport. It was a much faster drive then the one last week and we made great time to catch the plane... One of my other favourite things was that Andrew was always sooo happy to cuddle Esther! Especially at dinner time when she was unsettled and we were eating! It really blessed me to see a guy like that!

One more hug before we go...

So there you have it! Our great holiday!! Wow now really did you make it to the bottom, reading EVERY word?? Or just skip through the photo's??? Either way I'm happy to have shared our yearly family holiday with you all!! Thanks for popping in, I look forward to posting some cards in the next few days....
Until then,
Smiles Sharnee :0)

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