Saturday, November 13, 2010

Garden delights

One of the reason's there's been not much to show you wonderful people lately is because I've been gardening in all my spare time in the last few weeks! Man it feels good to see dirt instead of lots of weeds!! Slowly but surely we are getting there, (though still HEAPS of weeds to pull!) Just this week I brought Esther outside with me and let her go for it with her discovering!!

It was so delightful to watch her, picking this up, taste testing that! So much fun!

Here is another favourite bit of my garden too, my stunning Ice berg Roses, each standard are just starting to bloom....... how beautiful!

Thanks for popping by,
Smiles Sharnee :0)

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Claire said...

Oooohhhh I loves me some gardening posts! Esther looks like she will enjoy getting grubby! Love the icegerg rose on that lovely urn. Hope to get stuck into my garden again soon :)