Friday, September 16, 2011

Paper Dolls Stamp Club

Each and every month I get together with an amazing group of women for my Paper Dolls Stamp Club. Some of these ladies have been with me since the beginning (4years ago) and as each year passes and new faces join, I need to continually show new and exciting things!!
A few months ago (yes these pic's have been on file just waiting to be shown!! How the time fly's!! he he!) I demonstrated how to make paper beads, an owl brooch and a sweet little gift box to hold it all! I was given a STUNNING Owl brooch at Convention (CLICK HERE) and wanted to give it a try! The lovely colours of Woodland Park DSP (now retired) gave a different effect for each Owl and Necklace, it was really cool seeing them all come to life!

The box was a larger version of the one that Shellie herself showed at convention (here is my smaller one) and my dear friend Colin collected them all from his work so we all had one, and some to take home! Such a sweetie he is!!!!

One of my favourite parts about these special nights is the way I get to present their goodie bags, full of all the things they need on the night!
It was a super successful eve with many a "lovely" saying that their Christmas presents are now taken care of!! Why don't you give one a try, I know you'll love the result!!

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Cassie said...

How fun to have ladies you get together with like this! Your projects are lovely too :D