Saturday, April 28, 2012

My dear Friend

This is a page I made for a calander for my very lovely and wonderful friend Carli, she's not only a super woman but my downline and dearest, bestest buddy!! It's always a good idea to make pages about yourself, looking deep within and liking, even loving what you see! I made this page after seeing the clever Claire do one about herself years ago!!

My dear friend I'm thinking of you today!! I hope that your day and the rest of your weekend is bright and happy and blessed! Praying for you and God's mighty strength to surround you!
What a special lady you are!!!
Love ya heaps beautiful Carli,

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Carli said...

I love you beautiful one, that calendar warms my heart every time I look at it, and while I find having a scrap page all about myself on view in the house a little confronting, I totally agree with you. It's important. I am still yet to fill in the ME section with details, but I will find the courage before August. I promise.
Thank you for your generous heart lovely one, and for everything you are xxxx