Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Love to share a cuppa with you

Just wanted to pop in and share a cuppa with you! Well the card type anyway!!
How have you been??? What's new? Getting ready for Christmas??
I'm pretty impressed with my Christmas shopping, I've actually started!! (believe me this is a feat in it's self!!) I think with Esther's birthday on Monday I've been in town a bit and so why not use that time wisely and do some EXTRA shopping!!! So excited!!
I have a super cute invite to show you but that will have to be another time, but if you're interested click HERE to see some cool ideas I've found that will help the party theme shine!! (it's a rainbow party, FUN!)

Well my cuppa is almost gone, so I'll continue on my way and get some other jobs done! Nice chatting to you all, have a super rest of your week.

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Bronwyn Eastley said...

Love all the different elements on this one.