Tuesday, August 20, 2013

This and That journal - more convention memories cont.

I'm just popping in to share some more of my convention journal with you, there are still sooo many pages that I can't wait for you to see, so here are the next one's!! We were SOOOOO excited to be getting our hands on the BRAND NEW CATTY!!!! My oh MY!!!! Soooo amazing!! Then over lunch I sat down and started to flip through it (that's the opposite page)

Kim posed for my phone so we could sms all my team and show them....... I love the little word speech clips that you can buy and i think that making little pockets for journaling is a niffty way to say more than what can fit on the page itself!
Next is a do-it-yourself that I took while Sapphire and I were walking around the streets of Brisbane, everyone commented on how sweet she looked, which of course she is!!

Then here I made a groovy pocket/bag for some photo's of friends and I. It was a demonstration on stage (by whom now I'm not sure.... sorry!) but it was totally AWESOME and it's made with the brown paper we get in our orders!!! Of course you could easily make it with any type of paper!! Soooo clever!

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