Friday, August 28, 2015

Mmmm Chocolate (punch art card)


It's the weekend!! YAY!!! I'm not sure about you but generally that means that I get to eat FUN FOOD! Chocolate used to be top of my list for a Friday night movie but I'm being healthy for the Winter so homemade sugar-free brownies with cream go down just as nice!!
This card however was made for Hannah's Drama teacher. Hannah and the other students of Just Imagine Drama school just recently put on the Charlie and the Chocolate factory production! It was decided to get Rubi (the teacher) a gift of flowers and a card for everyone to sign. Well I soon put up my hand to make the card and with a fun theme like Charlie and the Chocolate Factory the choice of design was easy!
I saw THIS great card which inspired my creation. I love the foil bit, makes it look more "life-like" and the gorgeous wooden element finishes it all off beautifully! Needless to say Rubi LOVED it and so did the students.... they wanted to eat some! Hee he!!
So whatever you are doing this weekend, may it be filled with some yummy treats, wonderful company and loads of fun!

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