Thursday, January 14, 2010

and so 6 weeks have passed our way...

I wanted to share with my super blogging friends some of my favourite pictures of our little Esther Lily over the last 6 weeks of her life! :0)
She now has officially smiled at 3 people, Daddy first (of course!!) then Me and just yesterday Nanny (my mum!) Esther has much more wake time and so many more cuddles, especially from her adoring sister Sophia!! What an absolute joy this last 6 weeks have been! I remember with Hannah I was told
"You just have to make it through the first 6 weeks and then you'll have a routine and things will be easier!" SO it was like hurry up 6 weeks!!!
This time it's totally the opposite, Oh MY it's been six weeks!! Where has my newborn gone!?? So enjoy my collection of snap shots and my super wonderful, completely amazing family!!!
"Can we get that bubble out??"

Cuddles with Daddy on the couch

Relaxing in the arms of her Big Sister Hannah

(Maybe not quite that HUGE Hannah!! he he)

Safe and secure in Ezekiel's hug

Kiss, Kiss, Kiss
Each and EVERY nappy change Sophia is there to help pass the wipes, undo buttons or simply to overflow love on her baby sister!!

Ready for a nap

Our amazing 4th gift from above, totally adorable in every way.

Smiles and Hugs
(one of the most blessed mum's out there!! Ohh how I Love my "job")


Sophie said...

These are beautiful Sharnee! Little Sophia is so cute giving Esther kisses and helping you out :o) x

Kim J. said...

Oh my word!! Your family is adorable, Sharnee!

Bronwyn Eastley said...

I see many scrapbooking opportunities with these gorgeous photos!

The Stampin Cupboard said...

She is adorable in everyway Sharnee, What another wonderful gift. Can't wait to meet her in person. Time goes by so quickly as I know far to well xxx

Heather Cudmore said...

Just beautiful pictures that last one ;)You are indeed blessed!

christine said...

Hello Sharnee,
I just found your blog through sophie hill's.
Congratulations on such a beautiful little addition to your lovely family. What a cutie Esther is.
I didn't even know you were expecting. I guess I haven't seen you for quite a while :)
God bless you and your family xx
Christine Borst