Thursday, October 18, 2012

And then there were FIVE!

We are especially excited to announce that our newest addition to the family was born last Thursday!
It's a GIRL!

Sapphire Elizabeth Torrents
born @ 7.05pm
11th October 2012
7lb 2oz
49cm long

All went wonderfully and we are enjoying all the joy that babies bring! 
Thanks to all for your love, prayers and warm messages in the last week!


KimB said...

What a gorgeous little new girl you have Sharnee!! Glad to hear all went well. Congratulations and a big hug from

Bronwyn Eastley said...

So adorably cute! Congratulations on the birth of your little gem.

Trish *Spring Blossom* said...

Congrats!! Awesome news - she looks so sweet and adorable :)

Cassie said...

Wow, Sharnee, congratulations! Your little sweeties (and especially the newest) are all quite beautiful! Enjoy this time together, and I hope you're getting some rest :D

Paula Dobson said...

Fantastic news Sharnee - Congratulations on your latest edition! You do make beautiful babies, lol

Carli said...

oh soooo lovely to see some pics, what proud big siblings Sapphire has!!! They all look delighted :)
xxooxx Carli

Kim Butterworth said...

Your precious new addition to the family is so adorable. Congratulations to you and your family.

Christine Blain said...

Oh, gosh, where I have I been?? (Under a rock, obviously.) I am so sorry to be this late in congratulating you, Sharnee - Sapphire is GORGEOUS! What beautiful pics of all your darling children. So pleased that you are all so happy and proud. Much love to you!! xxx

Sarah-Jane Kalé said...

Beautiful Sharnee!!.. My goodness, I have obviously been living under a BOULDER these past few months!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!! How very exciting. Sapphire is BEAUTIFUL, so, so BEAUTIFUL. I'm sure she will bring you and your lovely family endless joy. I so wish I was closer, so I could give you and your gorgeous girl a HUGE hug...although I might not give her up once I get to cuddle her ;-)
So happy for you Sharnee.
Must chat soon.

xxx SJ

Tania Gould said...

Better late than never...but big congratulations on the arrive of little Sapphire! Beautiful name too btw!