Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Make your own party hats (easy!)

Not so long ago it was my Step Dad's birthday party. While driving there Esther asked...
"Will there be party HATS??"
Well I had to say no but I knew then that there had to be HATS at her birthday!! So with the wonderous Google I found THIS SITE and the children and I got making some of our own! It was super fun and incrediably easy! LOVE THAT!

We continued with the rainbow theme, so they were all very colourful (and co-ordinated thanks to all my Stampin Up goodies!!)

Here is the gorgeous birthday girl, now 3 with her hat on!
 Sooo cute!!

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Carli said...

these are sooo gorgeous Sharnee!!! Love the invites, the hats and the cake looks so wonderful too!! What a fabulous job you've done putting it all together. Love it!! xxxx Carli