Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Pac-man card

When I opened the new mini set Itty Bitties my son said...
"Oh Mum, look there's ghosts and witches hats and pumpkins, oh MAN!" 
(he knows my HUGE dislike for all things Halloween related) but he then went on to say....
"This little ghost looks like the one from Pac Man!!"
(insert light bulb moment)
Now there's an idea for a great 80's card! I know someone who LOVES the 80's and this would be PERFECT!! (especially with his 40th coming up) So Zeke was sent to the computer to find out the Pac-Man game so I knew what it looked like so I could sew this.....

Then we had to find out what colour the ghosts were, did you know they each have names??? Paper pierce the little white dots Pac-Man eats and make the famous little guy using a small circle punch and cut out his opened mouth!

Lastly the fruit that you win along the way (also in this cutie set!!)

Finished Pac-Man card!!! YAY!!! We were all quite (in the words of Kim) chuffed with the end result!!
What do you think?? I'd love to hear if you too are a fan of the 80's and the very groovy Pac-Man game, it really is Oh SO very fun!

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Anonymous said...

That is awesome! It certainly brings back memories of growing up playing Pac-Man. I sold my Pac-Man console a couple years ago at a garage sale. I sort of wish I hadn't ever since I saw what they are really worth. We found one for sale in Devonport for over $100, plus it would look cool on the shelf in the pool room.

Anyway, cool card! We'll see you tonight, I'm actually joining the card making fun tonight.