Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Blast Off - Spinner card

My super fun brother-in-law is like a big kid at heart! He really is wonderful and I thought with his recent birthday that a spinner card would be right up his alley!!
With Space on the brain with our current Unit study (SEE HERE) I picked up the Blast off stamp set and got to work making a "male" looking birthday spinner card.

I know that glitter is not the usual for guys but it screams stars and space to me so it was a must in my book!
My son Ezekiel helped me design the planets to go on, telling me that there HAD TO be a red spot on Venus to make it "right" and that the world (which I hand drew) needed to have all the countries.... I couldn't fit them all on!

I even decorated the inside of the card and markered TIM for the flag! Needless to say he LOVED the card and had great delight in spinning it over and over!! When he showed the rest of my family (at the family dinner) Allan pipped up and said
"Yeah I know it's called a Spinner card!!" then promptly said "I can't believe I know what it's called!!" HA!! We all roared with laughter!!! You just never know what things our fabbo hubbies are picking up when we talk "craft" to them!!

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