Friday, November 22, 2013

Ice-cream scrapping

We actually had quite a HOT day today, which is really strange after yesterday's weather, it truly has seemed like one day Summer land and the next Winter land!! I'm hoping in there somewhere we will see some warmer days that will last more than one!!!
So with the sunshine today and the fact that EVERY Friday night we celebrate Friday Family FUn day with homemade Pizza and ice-cream I wanted to share this scrapbook page I made for Zeke's 10th album!
It's all about Ice-cream..... Cold Rock in fact!!! YUMMY!!!!! It's his absolute favourite so it was a must to include in his special birthday album!

I've been playing lots with vellum lately, here I've made a speech bubble and a little pocket to put the journalling in :)
I really like how it came together with the "old" school looking ice-cream shop front theme! What do you think?? I'm hoping to do some more scrapping soon, especially with all the wonderful sketches out there at the moment, you should check out my dear friends Kim's blog... she's been making lots of time to join in on the sketch fun!!!! LOVE what she's doing at the moment!! (Hi Kim!!!)
Have a fabulous weekend,

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