Saturday, May 21, 2016

Bush dance party invitations!

I've been busy preparing for my 40th birthday next week! Oh my, I'm a little in disbelief that that's actually going to be my new number.... the 30's are such a great age..... I'm hoping that the 40's are even better!
I must admit that now more and more people know that I'm turning 40 I'm "owing" it much more than if you had of asked me in Jan! That's got to be a positive right???
Well if you know anything about me then you know that I LOVE a THEME!! So for my BIG ONE I'm having a Bush Dance! Yee Haw!! I'm sooo super excited about it all, the band is booked and the invites are out, now it's just the little things to finish.
I wanted to stamp my invites but with sooo many bits of info I put my son to the task and he came up with this.....

Clever boy he is on the computer!! This was the invite that inspired and he tweaked, added and created to make me this fabbo invite! I love it!! What do you think??

Of course they needed to be wrapped up and sent out with love, so a little bit of burlap ribbon and some native bush did the job nicely!


Unknown said...

I am Planning my 50th for next year, and I am planning a bush dance! Did you get your invites professionally done ? I just love them! They are just what I am looking for' .. Rose

Sharnee Torrents said...

Hi Rose,
My son is super clever on the computer and he made them! Are you in Tassie?? YOu could email me and we could talk about him designing them for you, costings and time frame!
my email is

look forward to hearing from you!
SMiles SHarnee :)