Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Will be back soon...

Hello lovely ladies!! (and handsome gentlemen for any of you blokes who happen to pop on by!)
WOW!! I'm soooooo sorry that I've been missing for the last week! I've been terribly sick, those annoying cold/flues that keep you down and miserable!! But today for the first time in 4 days I'm feeling much MUCH better- Praise the Lord! So i thought I'd say hi and bye!
"Bye?" you ask?? Yes tomorrow bright and early my wonderful family and I are off to WA!!! YAY! YAY!! YAY!!! :0) to visit my Brother Sam and his little family Clare (wife) and baby girl Aaliyah! Then it's off to the Stampin' Up! Convention in Canberra (the 1st and 2nd May) and visiting my precious friend Carli and her wonderful family!! SO much fun awaits us all!! I'm so excited, and as a result have been awake since 5.30AM!! Ahhhhhh the butterflies were so intense that there was NO WAY i was going back to sleep!! So i do hope that you all take care and have a fabulous few weeks yourselves. Don't you worry though i will be overflowing with ideas and samples when i get back which i will eagerly share with you ALL!!
Talk soon
Smiles Sharnee xxx

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