Wednesday, May 13, 2009


WOW!! it's been ages!! I'm so sorry for my slackness in not getting back to you all earlier! Don't you worry though, go make yourself a cuppa, sit down and relax whilst reading ALL ABOUT MY HOLIDAY!!! (incase you haven't realised that means you'll be here a while!! I've got LOADS to tell you!!) I have actually been back since last Wednesday night but i must honestly say I've been in hiding a little wanting the holiday experience last just that little bit longer!! I'm sure those of you who have been on holiday for more than 3 weeks can relate to just how hard it is to get back into the swing of things!!

So how was it you ask?? AMAZING!! the time i spent with my family in some of the most wonderful places in Australia has created memories that will last a lifetime.

A pic of us flying over, the kids were SOOOOOO well behaved, it was AWESOME!!

Some of the highlights would be in Busselton (WA)
* hanging out with my Brother, his beautiful wife and their new little poppet Aaliyah

Here is baby Aaliyah (Sophia always referred to her as "baby Aaliyah" Her most popular question would be "Auntie Clare where is baby Aaliyah??!" so funny :0)

* 4B'inn that said in a cool Aussie way really means going 4WDriving! Sam took us to an amazing little creek that was in my brother's time only about 10 minutes away once on the track which actually turned out to be a good 40minutes in!! (that's my brother's time for you!!hehe)

This is the gorgeous spot we went to. It was such a tranquil place, we loved it :0)

* Spending time on the beaches....ahhhhh SUMMER!! Don't we all love SUMMER!!! i was in shorts or cool dresses most of the time we were there and chilling on the beach, building sandcastles, splashing in the ocean or just watching my kiddies play was very special! Sophia especially loved the ocean and having a great swim every time we hit the beach! There were no waves, NONE!! It's this beautiful sheltered bay where they don't get any waves! At first this was a little strange to not hear the crashes of the waves but it was really nice.

Splashing around and making Sandcastles. After each sandcastle was done we would collect shells and decorate it all over! Hannah and I especially loved this part.

* my morning walks! Oh they were so refreshing and wonderful (you'll probably hear that word a lot in this post!) Is there anything better than walking on the beach, watching the sun rise in the most amazing colours and enjoying seeing two adorable dogs play and seemingly laugh as they run up and down the sand together!! It was definately a best bit!!! Saphire and Ollie were my walking companions, and now that I'm back i really miss them!
* Fishing!! YAY!! I caught the first one!! Sam took us on the beach, (a bit more 4WD to get there) and we fished off the beach, the kids had a great time too.

Sam's getting us set up, note the 2 adorable dogs, the one you can see is Saph and the tail there next to Sam is Ollie. My fish!! Yes you're probably straining to see it, i never said it was a big one i just said that i caught the 1st one!! Sam's 4B, his Patrol, his pride and Joy! It was a cool car and driving on the beach was super fun!

Even all the kids drove too, Soph's 1st driving lesson at 3!!! Never in Tassie!!(mum wouldn't allow it, only with Uncle Sam!!)

* Day trips we went on, Donnybrooke, Margaret River, Bunbury, Yallingup, and Dunsborough. We had many an hour in the Patrol, which thanks to Sam's in-car DVD player we were all HAPPY!

Allan and I at the Bunbury lookout. Clare and Sophia with an Emu who thought it was a puppy, very strange, this was at a bird park we all went to.

* Crabbing! This was great! We had to be on the beach at dusk and with Sam wadding in the coolish water (not for us we're Tasmanian's!! he he) he shown his touch back and forth in the shallows looking for crabs. He found 3 in the end, 2 were good for eating but we put them back. the colours on them were amazing (another word you'll hear a lot in this post!) He even found a male one and a female one!!
*my evening out with my gorgeous sister Clare! We went to the movies and then out for coffee. We chatted and laughed and shared, it was truly wonderful, i loved it!!
* Our last day in Busselton! We spent the whole day at the HUGE jetty (the tourist spot in this area) We went to Goose a funky little cafe right at the Pier/jetty, I made 2 sandcastles, 1 being a seahorse and the other a ski boat with the most trendy looking surfer, it was cool!! We picnicked, played, paddled again, enjoyed the 27 was a wonderful way to spend our last day.

Waiting outside for our order, look at that amazing ocean!! And the sun, ahhhh love that sun :0)

Next we were off to CONVENTION!!!!!! YAY!! I love Stampin Up!! It's the coolest job and i get to do the most awesome things!! This year it was in Canberra which meant that my lovely Down line Carli was going too! It also meant that after wards we would be staying at her house for a while in Nowra which is a 2 ish hour drive from Canberra and the same to Sydney (kinda in the middle!)
Convention was great, wonderful, packed with LOTS of beautiful people and fabulous ideas!! I sadly had a cold so i must admit that at times i just wanted to be in bed BUT HEY you can sleep and get better ANYTIME but Convention is only once a year so i moved on! he he
Highlights of "Celebrate" the name of Convention this year were for me...
* Hanging out with Carli and her adorable little son Callum. I've missed them so much since they've left Tassie.

Carli and I outside the grandly decorated dinning room, awaiting our delicious dinner!! How gorgeous Beautiful Carli is! Love ya matie xx

* All the talented people that you meet and admire and watch at some of the demonstrations just sitting there "Ooooing and Ahhhhing" there really is some AMAZING people out there!!!!! Here is one of the lovely ladies that flew in from America to join us Jill Kocherhans. She was so much fun and a great presenter. She particularly liked the way we say "lovely" so much. She said that in America if they said that it would sound patronizing, they seem to use "darling" a lot.

* Seeing Shellie! Honestly she is the most lovely Lady! So down to earth and REAL!! Even in her demonstrations she's funny and slips up (don't we all but Shellie?? Yes she's human too!!) I really love how she presents herself and the company. Always reminding us that we're here as Stampin' Up! Demo's to create and show others and build those wonderful relationships!!

Here we are the 3 of us! Me, Shellie and Carli :0)

* Meeting Sarah Klass!!! Yes I went up to her after a presentation that she did and introduced myself! I was soooo nervous! She was gorgeous just like i thought and i had a hug and some pic's taken! One of which is still on Carli's camera but the other one you can see if you go to her blog HERE
I can't really believe that i, Sharnee Torrents have made an appearance on Sarah Klass's blog!!! The excitement is hard to contain!!! I'm so thrilled to say that we keep in contact and will continue to do so!! YAY!! :0)

*Award night!! I walked across the stage and received an award for sales!! YAY!! Of course all this because of you guys, my amazing customers! The support and love and friendship that you share with me is such a blessing! Thankyou so very much!! It has taken alot of hard work at times but i'm proud of my efforts and to have an award and a hug from Shellie was super duper!! She even said how much she LOVED the colour of my dress and my hair!! How cool is that :0)

Beautiful ladies: Carli, Bron (also from Tassie) and Me.

Well i actually think that's it!! How are you doing, still with me???
I've loved writing this and telling you all about my exciting holiday, i hope you've found it fun and enjoyable to read also!
I'll be back soon with all the Stampin Up specials, if you don't know already then PLEASE see the customer homepage to check it out! The most exciting being that you too can sign up for only $150!!!!! Can you believe it!! I'll let you know more soon, please contact me though if you want to know NOW!!
Thanks for popping in,
Smiles Sharnee :0)


Sophie said...

Oh Sharnee!!!
What a blast you must have had - I am so glad that you enjoyed every single second of it - we must have a coffee sometime soon so you can tell me all the finer details :o)
Glad your back! xx

Anonymous said...

Welcome back. I should have got that coffee before I read your blog!! Great pics.
Bronwyn xx

Vanessa said...

Thanks for sharing with us all - it looks like a wonderful holiday!!

Sarah Klass said...

You are too funny! What I can't believe is that you were nervous to introduce yourself to me. And of course you're on my blog! You were one of the lovely (I do like that word too!) people I was SO pleased to meet in real life having only 'met' online before :) Glad you loved your holiday in the South West of WA too. It's a beautiful spot.