Sunday, July 26, 2009

Traveler's Inspiration Challenge #4

This is the amazing photo, courtesy of Savitri,(taken whilst she was in Germany) for Tina's next Traveler's Inspiration Challenge
Let me retell some wonderful words from the delightful Tina herself...

This is the kind of place that makes me want to settle down, buy a bike with a little basket on the front, and bohemian style skirts. I would buy flowers for my window box for the Spring and display candles at Christmas. The door would be the perfect backdrop to a fresh evergreen wreath that would remind visitors with it’s glorious fragrant that this home is about life and love, timelessness and history, family and friends. Oh, yes! One can dream of having such a door as this...

WOW don't you just want to go there NOW!!! I want that skirt and bike with basket and flowers and, well simply the whole picture that was painted in my mind by Tina's amazing creative writing...Ahhhhh what a wonderful way to start my Sunday!!

It's been a long but great week and as a result I haven't had time to do my usual challenges! I've been busy preparing for a Craft fair so there's not been the time to play! BUT it was top of the Priority list for today's activities and so my card began!!
I hadn't realised when starting this card that it would be such a copy of the actual picture!! Still there are no rules so I'm sure that's fine, though I was trying to be a little more "out of the box"....maybe next time!!
The window dressing set was the pick of the day and with some brick like squares and the other windows disappearing up the wall, I think the whole look came together really well!!
How cool are these colours too! Baja Breeze is definitely a fav of mine (as it also is Amanda's!! Hello lovely!!) And it seems that the more I use Tangerine tango the more I like it!! Does that ever happen to you?? A colour that you supposedly really dislike all of a sudden takes a different light and presto... You like it!!! The sweet Brownyn was only sharing that with me last night about the colour Cameo coral! Couldn't stand the colour, saw it in a different light and now has some card stock coming her way!! (Hello to you too Bron, you did a SUPER job last night!!)
I really wanted to have the shutters more like they were kinda just swinging there so as you can see in my close up pic I double mounted them to give it some more lift!
Well that's about it! One more thing is a BIG HELLO to my wonderful friend Heath!! She's a regular visitor of mine and has missed me over the last week! Thanks for the great laughs last night dear Heath, it was such a blast!!
Until next time, when hopefully I'll have the comment issue's sorted, have a super Sunday!!
Smiles Sharnee :0)

Smile & think of Skirts, Flowers and Baskets
Set: Window dressing
Ink: Sahara sand, Pumpkin pie, Baja breeze
and Riding hood red
Card: Tangerine tango and Naturals Ivory
Acc: Clear button's, twine, aqua pen and square punch


Unknown said...

Great job with the challenge.
Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

That is super cute!!

~ Vanessa ~

Traveling Mama said...

Seriously? This is AWESOME!!! I totally know what you mean about a color changing just when you are convinced that it was an icky color! I adore your card! So perfect! I hope you have a great week!
Hugs from Morocco!

Anonymous said...

Thats a beautiful card, Sharnee. I know what you mean about the colours, it happened to me with groovy guava (ewww) and Tangerine Tango is definitely growing on me :-) Love Amanda xx

Sarah-Jane Kalé said...

WOW, Sharnee... This is FABULOUS. Great take on the sketch.

xx Sarah

Tethered2Home said...

Beyond cute, really. Now I have your 'window box christmas candles' in my head, such a glorious picture.

Dotty Jo said...

Love this! I went for a window too. I wish that I had given the walls a lovley brick texture like yours! Jo x

Savitri said...

This IS perfect!! Love how you created the squares!!