Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Traveler's Inspiration Challenge

Man it's been awhile!! How are you all lovely people?? Great I hope and enjoying the rain! I know, I'm sure we've all had just about enough (at least 4 days ago!!) but the farmers would be so wrapped!! I try not to complain when talking about the rain, there is always need for it, even after a week of constant wet days!!
I must show you the amazing pic's from our little city (Launceston) with the recent 40 year flood! We all went to the damn and the Gorge, along with over half of Launceston, it was huge to see the turn out!! I'll post those pics soon!
where here to see my newest creation and Inspiration challenge from Tina! Check this picture out...
How wonderful are those ribbon's and pearls! WOW!! You sure could have a lot of fun with all those goodies to inspire. It's taken in Medina, here's a little of what Tina had to say... (I love her descriptive writing...)
I go to the same shop owner every time I visit the Medina. He knows me now and lets me come behind the counter and choose buttons from their boxes and ribbons from their spools. While others look on with curiosity at the little American going though his stash, I plod along like a kid in a candy store and buy up many treasures!
Just in the last 2 weeks the children and I made some rag dolls (another post I'll put up soon) as we were studying a book called the Rag Coat by Lauren Mills. Since then we've looked alot at quilts and their meanings and so with that in mind and the amazing picture looking similar to a quilt I came up with this!
Not my usual style, and certainly not the colours I'd usually pick, but wow they work!!! I've also been really wanting to make a card for my dear friend Jan, she recently last her mum. I know the pain and anger and well all the feelings that come with losing parents, I've lost my Dad and both my Husbands parents all in 18 months of each other, so it's something I've more than dealt with! There really are no comforting words in these situations, and though people mean well, their words end up being empty and at times hurtful. My point in all of this is with this "quilt" card I'm trying to capture the layers and the love that our parents put into our lives. Of course we don't always see it, but when they're gone there are huge amounts of reflection and layers that we see because of their love for us. I hope that for any of you who too have lost a parent or a loved one, can remember and hold dear the quilt in your heart, the memories and moments we have pieced together, sometimes messing (note the sowing) sometimes odd (like the colours) but always in the end..."BEAUTIFUL"
May your day be sunny on the inside and out (even with the rain!)
Smiles SHarnee :0)

P.S If you really like supporting others who are less fortunate then you, you need to check out the new Esty shop HERE
It's full of wonderful goodies, Tina's AMAZING cards and house hold trinkets! A must place to visit and shop!!! Let Tina know what you think on her site by leaving a message and how you found out about it, there are prizes and giveaways too!!! YAY!! :0)

Set: Eastern Blooms
Ink: Bravo Burgundy and Always Artichoke
Card: Bravo Burgundy, Always Artichoke, Tangerine tango and Taken with teal.
Acc: Pretties kit, twine, Rhinestones, Button Late and NEW flower brads (from spring mini) sowing machine and assorted retired ribbon


Rach said...

I absolutly love this card...all the trimmings and the colours are great! Definitly sets the mood well the to the photo! Cheers, Rach

Traveling Mama said...

Oh, look at all the trim! What a sweet and understanding friend you are. I am sure that your friend will treasure your card.
Thank you so much for playing along with our little challenge! Oh, and I popped your package in the mail this morning!
I cannot thank you enough for your support and generosity. It is going to be so fun to see the kids' faces when we get to bless them!
Hugs from Morocco!

Winter said...

Cute! Love all the ribbon! :)

Dotty Jo said...

I really love this card, the colours really work and I really like all the layers of fabric. Thanks for sharing your story, this must have been a very difficult time for you and I am sure your friend will appreciate your kindness very much. Hugs to you, Jo x

Terri Trotter Earley said...

Love all of your texture and color. Great job with the inspiration piece.

It's a good life!
Terri E.

Savitri said...

This is oh oh oh so gorgeous!!!!