Saturday, August 8, 2009

A nice way to start the day...

Well unfortunately the cold bug has not passed by my way and on Thursday night my sneezes started and today I'm still feeling quite under the weather...Bother!! I do HATE (not a word a use very often) colds!!
But on a cheery note I came into the office to check out my fav sites and there at Karen's: the sweetest thing I was picked for her last Sunday sketch challenge!! YAY!!! I'm so excited, I really loved that card and am so happy that my lovely Friend Amanda has it, well her sweet daughter anyway! What a nice way to start the day....
Do check out Karen's site, she has super wonderful things and creations, ready to inspire you all!!

I hope that you have a wonderful weekend, I'm hoping to have another card for you soon, just need to get better first!
Smiles and Hugs
Sharnee :0)

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