Thursday, August 27, 2009

Our rag doll fun

I only said yesterday "that you can't stop a crafty person!" Who agrees with me??
I've wanted many a time to get stuck into making quilts and spending countless hours making amazing story filled blankets for my precious family! In saying that I have not!! Due to the fact that I know how much I'd spend on amazing fabrics and how, well, I wouldn't EVER get anything done!!!
A few weeks ago we studied a book called "The Rag Coat" by Lauren Mills (as mentioned in my last post) and in the study we had to look at quilts and the stories behind them and then if we wanted to, make a quilt pillowcase or something. Well we went to a few local quilting shops and the kiddies picked out there material scraps for the pillow. Then I realised that this would clearly NOT be enough and so another trip later and loads more quilting squares we came home VERY EXCITED that I (the non-sower, the one who bought my machine only for cards!! he he) was going to make 3 rag dolls!!!! Yes you read did we go from a simple pillow case to making 3 RAG DOLLS!!
Call it Enthusiasm!!
Zeke concentrating on cutting "John's" hair, he named him after Matthew, Mark, Luke and then John!! So cute!!

I looked online for many a pattern and found this one at Make Baby under Free doll pattern. (it wont let me do a link sorry!)
The kids were soooooooooooooooo excited and I was too, how cool to make Rag dolls for them!
I started on Saturday and by the end of Tuesday we were all done! I have to say that on Sunday my wonderful Sister Sarah and husband Tim came over whilst we were stuffing arms and legs and they helped greatly, so appreciated that!
Though I love them all, I particularly like Ezekiel's, he knew he wanted blue and yellow hair, then the material to match cause it was like a Hawaiian shirt, then a bow tie button!! I love the thought he put in, so wonderful!!
Here is and my precious girls with their dollsAren't they gorgeous, I love the Fringe on Sophia's (the black hair one) and Hannah's pretty face! They haven't named theirs yet! Oh and check out the little "shoes" on Sophia's doll, they put rings on them to make tap shoes!
Don't you just LOVE CHILDREN"S IMAGINATION!!!I hope you've enjoyed this little story, I know Sarah will be pleased to see some pic's of my precious kiddies!! (Hi Sarah!!)
Have a super duper day!
Smiles Sharnee :0)


Anonymous said...

They really are the most lovely dolls! WELL DONE on taking the challenge to sew!

xx S

Dotty Jo said...

What a great thing to do! I love those dolls and the kids obviously had a fantastic time! Jo x

Traveling Mama said...

Those dolls are almost as cute as your kids- but not quite! :-) Seriously, your kids are adorable!!