Wednesday, March 10, 2010

20 weeks of Cooking {sweet!} week one

Well we've done it! The first recipe for The Red Deer's 20 sweets in 20 weeks cooking feast! It was a New York cheesecake and I can tell you I was a little nervous! I don't do cheesecakes, I'm a pav girl! Yep I cook great Pavlova's (which I've been told is a kind of gift as not everyone can make successful pav's!!) but for the scrummy cheesecake.... well I was up for the challenge!
I did get the kids involved and then asked them to taste it so we could vote.
Here it is in progress...
Ezekiel getting the biscuit base ready

Hannah juicing the lemon to add

It's all getting mixed up now... hope those lumps come out... yay they did!

Ummmm, now for the tasting...

And what did the family vote??
Hannah: Hated it!!! Yes I know quite forward but that's the truth, she threw a tantrum just at the thought of eating some! Yuck mummy I don't like the sound of cheese being sweet!!
Ezekiel: Yummy Mummy! came back for second's, what more do I need to say!
Sophia: Loved the biscuit base (just like mummy) ate most of it, quite enjoyed it.
Me (mummy): Delicious!! Very impressed with my first effort
Allan (wonderful husband and daddy!): Loved it! YAY!

Next up it's the humble Cut out Cookies and the winner of that one is Chocolate! YAY bring that on ladies and gentlmen and precious kiddies of mine!!

Make sure you go and vote HERE for the latest sweet treat, the scrummy Layer Cake, the choices are Chocolate, Carrot and Caramel.
Until then, enjoy
Smiles Sharnee :0)

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Sophie said...

Hahahaha aww I am so like Hannah, not real keen on Cheesecake or the idea of it! But I will admit, your cake looks bloomin' amazing!! x