Tuesday, March 2, 2010

20 weeks of Cooking {sweet!}

One of the wonderful blogs that I go to is The Red Deer. Alicia is a fun and beautiful lady with a HUGE love of cooking!! That's what her blog is all about! Anyway last week she set herself a new challenge 20 sweets in 20 weeks! Each week there will be a sweet food chosen and then a choice of 3 different recipes to then be voted on. The recipe with the most votes will then be cooked by Alicia and she will give it a rating!! How much fun is that!!??
Well it got me thinking.... firstly about the great french cooking movie Julie and Julia... then about my love for cooking....my love for sweets also..... doing something fun with the kids....a project perhaps......So I have decided to also cook (it's my second favourite thing to do after stamping!!) Each week (or at least once Alicia has posted the recipe) I, with the help of my precious kiddies, will cook the winning sweet and do so for the next 20 weeks!!! YAY! I'm soooo excited!!
Now do make sure you check out this fabulous site, and The Red Deer's wonderful array of recipes and photo's!! They will surely inspire you to get that groovy apron on and cook something yummy!!
Smiles SHarnee :0)


Anonymous said...

Thanks for playing along - I just made the NY cheesecake - it is cooling now. I'll post it up tomorrow :)

Anonymous said...

I LOVE this idea, it so reminded me of Julie & Julia too! I think I might just play along too. I love your pancake stack photo, they look sooo soft and warm and delicious.
love you,
Carli xxxx

Charlene Austin said...

How fun is that! I can't wait to follow along with your 20 week challenge! If it weren't for the fact that my kitchen is going to be torn apart in 2-3 weeks I'd consider joining you. Have fun chicky!