Thursday, June 2, 2011

All about the packaging

I know that Autumn is "officially" over but there is one more thing that I wanted to show you that I made especially for the very wonderful, very beautiful, very special Carli! HELLO LOVELY!!! I had recently bought a crocheted scarf for her and wanted to send it in a "love you" package across the seas to her home in NSW.

I had lots of fun making the Torn paper frame for the little gift card and then stamping the brown paper to complete the look. Even the tags were with the same colours and the sweet pearls for the flower centres! I must say I was impressed with my efforts and couldn't wait for Carli to receive it!!!
She of course LOVED it upon arrival and the packaging was well worth it!

Thinking of you my lovely friend, I hope you've had a great week and that this weekend to come is full of sunshine and laughter (especially with those precious treasures of yours!!)
Smiles Sharnee


KimB said...

Hi Sharnee,

you can see the love and care you have put into this - anyone would be thrilled to receive such a lovely gift. Love that torn tag looks fabulous!
Kim xxx

Rebecca said...

Hi Sharnee,

I love these!! Very pretty, great job :)

Anonymous said...

Hello Beautiful!! Thank you again for my fabulously-full-of-love gifts!!!!! I wore the scarf again on the weekend - It's sooo lovely and warm. Oh how I treasure your friendship. Sending BIG hugs and kisses xxxxoooooooooxoxooxooxxxoxox
your friend,

Unknown said...

Your packaging is awesome and I love the look of this card!!! Beautiful!! I will be showcasing these on My Crafty Picks #21 with a link back to your blog on 6-19-11. If you wish to decline please email me at

Take care