Friday, June 17, 2011

An amazing card from an Amazing lady!

The other week I received that most amazing and wonderful and special mail in my little green box!!! It was THIS!!!!!! (click HERE to see it in all it's glory!)
My fabulous and extremely talented blogging/stamping friend Sarah Jane sent me this amazing card all the way from WA!!!
Ohhhh how I LOVE IT!!!!! LOVE IT!!!!! LOVE IT!!!!!!! And the words inside were soooo touching and meant sooo much to me, I'm soooo blessed and incredibly happy and thankful that this wonderful little hobbie of stamping has brought people like SJ in my life!
Love ya heaps SJ!!! Thanks again for such an amazingly, gorgeous, oozing with love creation!!!
Sending hugs to you across the sea's.....

1 comment:

Savitri said...

This is so sweet!! Always nice to receive a handmade card!! Lucky you :)