Monday, December 28, 2009

Our Christmas Time

("Our Tree" photo taken by Sophia Mae, age 3 3/4!! )

I have been sooo blessed this Christmas time....
Not only have I had the absolute delight in having my super husband home since Thursday (of course he's going back to work tomorrow) but I've been able to really enjoy the WHOLE Christmas period!! Why??
Well we've been with family & with dear friends & played with the kids when they've asked & cuddled Esther & enjoyed time together doing nothing & relaxed in the sun & eaten some of the most amazing delicious food EVER!! This just to name a few!! :0)
My Christmas day was sooo wonderful and relaxing. In saying that it was about to start at 5.30AM when the kids came in soo excitedly that it was the DAY!! You can imagine Allan's and my response...
"Go back to bed for an hour, then we'll start!!!"
My super mum prepared and cooked a traditional turkey lunch with all the trimmings including her most scrummy Stuffing balls!! Ummmm I LOVE those stuffing balls!! Then we just hung out as a family for the day and left after having some more yummy left overs for tea, putting the kids into bed and then watched the movie ELF that was on T.V.
Boxing day we spent with the Cudomres!! Oh what another super day, just hanging out again, relaxing and eating some of the most amazing left overs (again) including my personal fav Justin's Triffle and his Moose Ripple biscuit sandwiches (well I'm not sure what they're called but boy are they delish!!)
I received some very wonderful presents. Especially from my husband!! I got a gorgeous bag from one of my favourite shops Cocoon, a voucher for a 1hr facial and some yummy chocolates!!

How was your Christmas?? I hope that you were touched by the real meaning of Christmas and enjoyed time with your family and friends!!
Before I go you must pop over to Sophie Hill's blog "That Vintage", it's super awesome and a great read!! She is such a beautiful lady and one of my specail friends!! I love her jewellery too, so make sure you check them out at her Etsy shop!!
Till another day (hopefully sooner rather than later)
Smiles and Hugs
Sharnee :0)

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Sophie said...

BEAUTIFUL SHARNEE! I was waiting for your post... wow wow WOW! Your Christmas day sounds fantastical and magical and full of beautiful family moments... oh my, I really meant all those words that I wrote to you in that card that I gave you after the birth of Esther... you are an inspiration to say the least! Thankyou for mentioning my blog and my store... lucky you scoring a bag from Cocoon (so did I!) and a voucher for a facial, well earned I say! All the love in the world for you and your family in the new year xxxx