Thursday, July 15, 2010

Celebrating 3 years of stamping fun! WHOO HOO!

Hello all my lovely friends!!
I've soooo missed being here and chatting with you, hopefully now that things have settled down I'll be visiting you all regularly again!!

I've had a great week (which is wonderful after the last few!) as on Monday I officially celebrated my 3rd year anniversary of becoming a Stampin' Up! Demonstrator!!!! YAY! YAY! YAY!!
I had one of my wonderful stamp clubs on that night and a little birdie (in the shape of my super husband - he, he) had contacted Vanessa to tell her! Well that's all this group of fabulous ladies needed.....

(from left: Anna-Maree, Donna, Vanessa, Tammy & Belinda.
Anna is also part of this group but couldn't make it!)

I was completely blessed, and overwhelmed with the love, warmth and shower of gifts that followed!!
I took some photo's so you too could enjoy in the festivities!!!

Here is the stunning bunch of flowers I was given

And now for the scrummy, yummy cupcakes that Tammy made......
check out the presentation!!!!

yes they totally look as delicious as they tasted!!! UMMMMM :0)

All around the cupcake stand Tammy had made little tags, like create and inspiring to describe things about me!! How completely thoughtful! Loved them!!

I was also given a birdie necklace which I forgot to take a picture of!!

I can honestly say that being a SU demo lady is one of the most rewarding things I've EVER DONE!!!! For it all started in 2007 when I first received an invite, it was screaming EVERYTHING that I loved.... CRAFT!! I couldn't wait to get there!! Then after that I HAD to get to any party I could!!! Soon I was asked by Amanda if I'd like to join..... ABSOLUTELY!!!!!
I held my first few workshops and was hooked from there!
The bestest part (other than earning $$, and getting awesome stampin products at a discount!) is the wonderful, amazing, beautiful, fabulous, super, gorgeous, talented, special people that have touched my life!! I have the most AWESOME group of friends now, stunning ladies and their families that have become part of my every day life! Life without them would be..... well.... sad!!!

If you have EVER thought of joining the Stampin' UP! family then I would encourage you to jump on in!!! You'll LOVE it!!! The latest promo is available for only 16 more sleeps..... it's an absolute bargain price for the starter kit, so think about it, talk it over with your buddies and sign up today!!!

Have a delightful Thursday!!
Smiles and Hugs
SHarnee :0)


Tania Gould said...

Congratulations! 3 yrs wow!!!! Looks like you had a fantastic evening!

Sarah-Jane Kalé said...

Happy HAPPY HAPPY 3rd year Anniversary!!! HOw WONDERFUL and EXCITING! What a fabulous Stamp Club you have. So very thoughtful, although that Hubby of yours deserves a HUGE pat on the back too.. WELL DONE Sharnee's Hubby!!! Sharnee you SOOOO deserve to be spoilt like this and like you said, the fabulous, amazing and wonderful ladies that have become a part of my life (INCLUDING YOU!!!!!) since joining SU!! is simply ... AWESOME. I'm soooo honoured and of course HAPPY that I have been able to meet such lovely ladies and that of course included your lovely self too. Can't wait to catch up again next year in Melbourne.. hopefully we'll have more time to chatter!!!

xx Sarah

KimB said...

Hi Sharnee,

what a happy and exciting post - I totally agree about the wonderful people you can meet through SU. Its nice to see things are on the up for you too after the rough weeks you had. Thanks for your lovely comment too :)

Big congratulatons on the three years!!