Sunday, September 5, 2010

{Thoughts on} Father's Day

Happy Father's Day!
I thought I'd quickly share with you the card and gift idea that I made for Father's day this year!
BUt before I do that I'll share with you what our "Father" (Allan) is doing today....
currently sleeping in, then it'll be a BIG breakfast made by me, then church, then shopping in Myer for his father's day pressie (I've had a busy week!! he he) then home to relax and enjoy the day off together. We'll probably have a roast and sometime in there we will also visit Rob (my step-dad) to wish him a Happy Father's day too!!
I'll be thinking and praying for those of you who have lost their dads like Allan and I, I hope that the day isn't too hard but that your heart is warmed with memories of times you shared with your specail Dad!! They are such wonderful, important parts of our lives!!!! I'd love to hear from you about your Dad's and stories that make you smile!!

Well now here is my card

Here is the cute wallet I made, CLICK HERE to see how you can make it yourself!

And now for the inside! I filled it with little handmade credit cards and vouchers, and of course some cash $$ you can't give a wallet and not put spending money in it! he he!!

Well best be off and get Allan's scrummy BIG BREAKIE started!! Yummo!!
Hugs Sharnee :0)

(stamping supply list to come...)


Bronwyn Eastley said...

Great Father's Day card and wallet. Thanks for the tutorial link. You did an amazing, outstanding, gob-smacking presentation yesterday!! Have a relaxing day today with your hubby and family!

Tania Gould said...

Thanks for the link! Such a cute idea!
And like Bronwyn, I too reckon you did the most amazing presentation yesterday - you'd have to be dead to not get excited about stamping after hearing you share!
My parents looked after Charlotte last night so they're enjoying lunch at McDonalds (!) and then coming to my house for a'noon tea - homemade date loaf! YUM!
Enjoy your day with your family!

Anonymous said...

I must be dead well to Stampin I am. Not one speck or hint of excitement. But mention 4WDing, water skiing or computer gaming and I'M THERE, Allan