Friday, September 3, 2010

A WHOLE pregnancy old

Yes it's been 9 months today since our little Esther entered the world! WHich means it's only 3 more months till we celebrate her 1st birthday!! WOW!!!
I love this stage in life, personality starts to shine and the world looks soooo interesting through her eyes. I love remembering that it takes THIS LONG to grow a "little person" (God is sooo amazing!!) And that all that time of waiting and growing has now just gone by again but this time with beautiful treasure HERE!!

I also remember that when Hannah was this exact age my super, amazing Dad saw her for the last time, (Oct 21st 2002) she was one day of being 9 months.... so it's a hard age too, knowing that there have been more special grandchildren that he hasn't quite met yet.... only time before he does!!
How privileged I am to watch, laugh with and teach these AWESOME gifts from God!! I am truly blessed each and every day!!
Smiles Sharnee :0)

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