Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Day {one} of Convention highlights 2011

(trying to take a pic of me walking my suitcase through the streets of Melbourne!!)

What a weekend I had!!!! Melbourne Convention for Stampin' UP! was sooooooooooooooooo amazing!!!!! I loved every minute of it what an amazing girlie time to be had!!!!!!!
So day one I headed off, all by myself walking the streets of Melbourne to the convention center to try and see the last of the general session.

Once at the building I enjoyed listening to some wonderful ladies presenting on the main stage.
How awesome is this stage!!! I loved the wooden blocks and the tag and the punch detail on the sides, sooooo very clever!!!!

Amy Swartz - Vice President of sales

One of my favourite ladies from the home office is Sophie Zadeh, she is sooo talented and always shows fantastic creations (not to mention that she has the coolest "style" and always comments me on my accessories!!!)

Next I hooked up with my roomies for the trip, the lovely Jo and Kim (whom I met last year) This is my room and the thoughtful gift that Jo gave me, so nice!!!Link
View from our apartment, it was raining, nearly the whole weekend!!! Thank goodness we were inside!!

We then went out to tea, here is the wonderful Bron (also a Tasmanian) and enjoyed a great time of chatting and eating yummy seafood!!! YUM!

Then Delys and myself headed to the Manager's reception. It was a great night with Shelli and the other managers of SU. Shellie did a little talk on how we can all treat "people as people" rather than as objects in our way in life! It was very helpful and though I've not seen myself as treating people as objects, it's easy to do and so I'm trying really hard to do this especially with my children who I know sometimes don't get my best!!!

I was able to mingle with some wonderful people at the reception including Claire, fellow lover of stamping and gardening, we often chat on line, I love catching up with her!

This fun group of ladies are.... Delys, (from Just Add Ink) Emma, (NZ manager) Sharon (also from Tassie) and myself

Shannon (the fabulous USA lady who personally called me to ask if I'd do a workshop WOW! Love this chick, she is sooooo cool and beautiful and super duper to be with!!!!!)

Ooooo I also got a pic with the very gorgeous and super special lady of the moment Shelli!!! So love getting my pic with her, she is sooooo amazing, down to earth and one of those women in life that you can learn so much from!!!

Well that's my day one, I'll be back to show you some more of my highlights soon!!!
Have a super, wonderful day


Anonymous said...

Yay! I've been hanging out to hear how it went! So glad you had a wonderful time and you look beautiful as always xx

Bronwyn Eastley said...

GREAT pics, Sharnee. It was such an awesome weekend. Now ... back to reality!!!

Chris said...

It was lovely to meet you Sharnee, hope your trip back was safe and uneventful

Christine Blain said...

What wonderful photos! You capture the excitement of it all just perfectly, Sharnee!