Sunday, May 22, 2011

Day {two} of Convention highlights 2011

HELLO!!! WOW the days sure are flying!!! This time last week I was back home again after such a wonderful, amazing, fantastic time and so I thought I best tell you of some more highlights for my convention trip!!
So it's Friday 13th now (well in these pic's) and it was my turn to demonstrate my workshop WOW on the main stage!!!! Arhhhhhhhh!!! As you can imagine I didn't really sleep all that well due to an extra dose of butterflies that night but I was sooooooooooooooo excited to be doing what I love and showing other's a cool technique!!!
We had to set up at 8am and I was on after the very fabulous Shelli and the also amazing Vanessa Webb (whom I'd not met before but is truly delightful and very, very clever!! Hi Vanessa!!!)
I had my dear, dear friends (and fellow down-line) in charge of my camera whilst I was demo-ing so here are some shots they took!! (Thanks heaps and HEAPS Colin and Kim! Love you guys!!!!)

showing my little make n' take bags

step by step Graham (the camera man) showed our craft!

the finished project - Torn paper frame!
Ta Daa!!

During the course of the day we had the opportunity to play, in the all important "make n' take." This is when we get our new sets inked up for some outstanding projects!!!
I have to say this years M&T's where AWESOME!!!! Really I love them all, I can't wait to show you all the new goodies that are coming our way..... it's going to be SUPER DUPER!!!!

the FABULOUS, funny and wonderful Kim and Colin Butterworth

New friends Liz and Heather! We all shared the M&T table.
I had such a wonderful time with these lovely ladies,
we went to lots of the sessions together!! Hello ladies!!

While I was getting started I was greeted by a very lovely lady whom I visit often in blogging was the talented Christine Blain!!! Ohhhh how HAPPY I was that she said HELLO!!! I love her work and had to get a pic of us!! (Many thanks to you lovely Christine for saying HI! I look forward to more visits with you in blogging land!!!)

One of the things I LOVE MOST about convention is being able to catch up with my dear stampin friends (who live far away!!) whom have blessed my life! One particular woman is that of the absolutely fabulous Sarah-Jane!!! It goes without saying that when we caught up this year there were hugs, hugs and MORE HUGS!!!! Ohhh how I love this girl!! Not only is she a super star in card making but her heart is wonderful and I'm sooo excited that she's my friend!!!!

Now here are 2 SUPER STARS in the Stampin' UP! world...... I'm talking about the fabulous Marelle Taylor and Ngaire Anderson

thanks heaps lovelies for having a pic with me, such wonderful women!!!

Ok where are we up to?!? Are you still with me??? I'm nearly done!

I was hanging out with such a amazing group of ladies most of which you will find at the Just Add Ink blog, so with this many great girls we went out for dinner and enjoyed each other's company over some yummy food!

Left - right: Chris, Gail, Liz, Jo, Mae, Bron, Kim and myself

On the way out of the Crown I decided I had to have a pic in front of the sparkly crown! Cheese!!

That's day 2 over, I will get myself organized and post my last day soon!! I promise!


Anonymous said...

WOW look at you on the big stage!!! You look amazing and so professional, especially with the apron on. Your workshop wow is fabulous. I knew you'd be amazing xxxxx

Sarah-Jane Kalé said...

Gorgeous Sharnee!!!

I'm LOVING your Convention wrap up!!!.. I've still got our fabulous FANCY dinner to go!!
You're SO lovely.. and it was SO, SO lovely to hear from you on Sunday!!! :D

Love ya.

xx SJ

Vanessa said...

Oh my gosh, look at you!! I'm so glad you went, it looks like you had a really good time. Chat soon so I can hear all the details!

Christine Blain said...

Oh, yay, you put that photo of us up!! It was wonderful to meet you in person, Sharnee; I just love your sweet, enthusiastic nature, darling girl. (I'm borrowing the pic for my blog - hope you don't mind!) xx