Saturday, May 28, 2011

Day {three} of Convention highlights 2011

Here it is..... the final day of highlights from my most AMAZING convention trip to Melbourne!! Ohhhh it was soooo much fun and it's been heaps of fun too reliving the moments here as I put his pic together!!
I'll warn you now there's A LOT to this one, many cool pic's to share so before we start, grab your fav beverage, get comfy, and sit with me awhile......

The last general session of the day certainly didn't disappoint!!! Not only were there great presentations, super prize patrols and some words of wisdom from the team from USA we were also ALL (yes 470 of us!!!) given 3 wonderful gifts of goodies, sneak peaks in fact from the new catty (released in Sept 2011) Oooooo it was soooo exciting and gave the whole room a real buzz, here is Kim and I afterwards

Then it was time to get ready for the awards dinner!!! What a grand affair this always is! I love dressing up and enjoying a delicious meal and sharing it with my fellow friends. This year I was also very, VERY blessed to have my sister Sarah come along for the festivities sooo it made it all the more special!!!
This is us before we go inside!!!!

Sarah couldn't resist taking a pic of me in front of my "Workshop WOW" samples pinned on the display board!!! Really what a WOW indeed!!!

Now for some cake..... well at least a pic with a HUGE cutout number!!!! hee he!! This fun cake was to celebrate our 5th year in AUS/NZ and everyone got to sign it!!!

Had to get another HUG and pic in with beautiful Sarah-Jane!!! How stunning does she look!! And that amazing flower in her hair!! Well lovely SJ you are gorgeous!!! (sending more hugs now dearest lady)
Now what's for dinner??? Gorgeous table decorations too with the lovely flower arrangements

My dear, wonderful friends Colin and Kim! My how handsome Colin looks and absolutely radiant Kim looks too! (they're expecting their first "little person" in September and she has a gorgeous glow!!! Love ya Kim!)

Now one of all of us.... (cool lighting background captured by Sarah! even with my "dodgy" camera!!

And some more friends Kim and Bron....

Once we shared dinner we were off to the convention room to do the award part of the eve! Such an amazing group of women who work with SU and their hard efforts when they make it a business are NOT overlooked!!
In saying that I received an award for my sales again this year.... YAY!!! thanks to you my lovely customers and friends!!! ANd one for a career sales achievement of $100,000 since signing up nearly 4years ago.

The super squeeze from Shelli..... she actually whispered in my ear how gorgeous I looked!!! WOW coming from her... one of the stylist and most well dressed women I know, it was a HUGE compliment!!!! Thanks Shelli!!!!

Time for another shot with my special, beautiful, wonderful sister

Afterwards we all gathered outside to catch up with some last goodbyes and get ready for the walk back to our apartment.... note the bear feet... love that about fancy dinners!!!

At the apartment the lift wall is full of mirrors so I took one last "do it yourself" before the night was officially over.

So there you have it! My whole trip!!!! I have to say a HUGE thank you to all who made this years convention the most amazing trip for me!!! Allan and my precious children for their love, support and encouragement, I LOVE YOU SOOOO MUCH!!!! The fabulous group of JAI ladies whom I stayed with, my super duper friends Kim & Colin, Sarah my sister who fly over to share the awards dinner with me and to all of you who helped me get there through workshops and orders and prayers and good wishes!!!! I really have the BESTEST JOB EVER and am soooo very blessed to be here, sharing what I love with you!!!! A huge squeezey HUG FOR YOU ALL!!!
Smiles Sharnee


Kim Butterworth said...

Hi Sharnee,
Our first Stampin Up Convention was just awesome and I am so glad that you could get there to share it with us. Your workshop wow presentation was mesmorising so much so that as I watched you on the big screen I nearly forgot to take photos for you. Hopefully we can all make it to convention again one day!

Bronwyn Eastley said...

A great little round up of pics for day 3. It was lovely to re-live some of the highlights! PS: Hope you had a super birthday the other day ;)

Anonymous said...

I think you look beautiful too! Love your dinner outfit. Thanks for sharing the experience xx

Claire said...

Hello gorgeous one! What a fabulous run down of convention. makes me want to be there again this week, this time without a cold! It was so fab to see you in person again. Just loved your workshop wow - your vintage style is so fabulous! Have a happy week my fab friend :)

Christine Blain said...

What a wonderful wrap-up of Convention, Sharnee; I love it! How special that Sarah could join you for the dinner, and experience some of the excitement of Convention.

KimB said...

Hello :)

it was truly lovely to spend some time with you at convention Sharnee! It's so fun to read back and re experience all these fabulous momments. Hope you can make it to Canberra next year too!!
Love Kim xxx

PS: Your placecards in the post after this are gorgeous!!!