Thursday, May 2, 2013

This and That = Fun and quirky scrapbooking/journaling!

Ok so you know that something BIG is happening when you get the chance to have amazing SNEAK PEAKS like these into the new catty (coming July!)
Check out the fun, fabulous, exciting, different THIS AND THAT journal bundle!! Available till the end of May and at a discount if you get the whole lot!!
There's Washi tape.... LOOOOVVVEEE!!!! A funky notebook.... SOOO HANDY!!!! A groovy Rotary stamp.... PERFECT FOR ANY DATE, ANY TIME!!!! Ohhhhhhh this is AWESOME!!!!
Click HERE to find out more and to order today!! Here's a You-tube too..... sooo cool!! :) :) :)

THEN if you're into the digital thing you've got to check out the other fabbo promo for this month...
25% off selected digital software!! THAT"S HUGE!!!! It's certainly a fantastic time to stock up on some cool digital goodies!!! CLICK HERE to find out more and to BUY!!! (don't forget to type in Sharnee Torrents in the demonstrator Directory to earn customer reward points!!)


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AJ said...

You, as always, are so lovely and your kind comments made me grin ear to ear. Sorry for vanishing! Glad to find you again too! Xx