Thursday, June 6, 2013

Convention highlights {number one}

It's hard to believe that this time 2 weeks ago Sapphire and i were on our little trip to Brisbane for the Stampin' Up! National Convention!! ohhhh it was soooo awesome and I had an absolute ball.
SO here are a few of the highlights of my trip....
Once I arrived at the convention center I saw this lovely lady!! Shelli herself, we chatted about babies and children, she showed me her precious grandchildren twins on her phone and we chatted some more about size and family! It was sooo wonderful, afterwards I had to have a picture taken!! SMILES all round!!

  The Managers reception was really great! I bumped into the very talented Delys
 and sat next to Sarah, who was super keen on having a cuddle with Sapphire
 A quick pic with the beautiful Ferris wheel before taking Sapphire home to bed! 
WOW what a day!
 Day one saw more opportunities for snaps with some of my fav blogging friends...
 Day two I got a cuddle with Bonnie (sooo love this lady!!)
 Make and takes were a hit, not only for Kim and I but also with Sapphire!! 
She loves the new blue (it matches soooo fabulously with her dress) 
and she really likes the packaging of the new bags!!
 My super convention chick Kim, helping by keeping Sapphire happy 
(which turned out to be her job each morning) while I prepared some solids for her
 Olivia, how awesome to bump into her, we met 2 years ago,
 it was great to see her do her thing on stage!!
Ummmm I might need to do a highlights number 2 as there are still a few pictures I've not included......

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