Wednesday, September 30, 2009

My Little carrot munchers!!

We have an adorable bunny that happily lives in our backyard, just hopping around, munching grass here - there - ANYWHERE!! Oh I love him soooooo, His name is Arther, though I like to call him "Arther Bunny" with a kinda funny voice that I put on (yes a little silly but that's how I say it!! he he) He's a Flemish giant and we've had him for at least 8 years and he's just wonderful!! I love bunnies and will ALWAYS have a pet rabbit!The other week the kids all went outside to give Arther some carrot for his afternoon tea, then I realised that THEY were the one's munching on the carrot too!! How precious these moments are...Hope your week has had wonderful moments to Cherish, will hopefully be back soon with some cards, it's Ezekiel's 6th birthday Saturday so I've been a little busy!!
Hugs and Smiles Sharnee :0)

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Anonymous said...

OHHH!! Little Arthur Bunny!! Gorgeous snaps : )
Hope planning for Ezekiel's Birthday is going wonderfully!