Monday, December 19, 2011

12 days of Christmas (inspiration) day 10

As promised I'm here today to show you how to make the paper Christmas trees shown in the IBC on page 17!! I knew when I saw them that they HAD to be made, so with the help of my brother actually while he was over from WA he nutted out the best way to make the cone and the rest was quite simple!!
For my cones here I've cut a 8"x8" and then with the 4" length I've rolled the cone and then cut the excess off. If you just tuck in the end, pointing down in the middle then wrap the cardstock around itself until you're happy with the shape. I try and get as small a hole as possible at the top too so it's easier to cover. Using SU's sticky strip adhere down end, then cut base till it's even.

Next you need to cut your DSP strips. For my larger tree I've done 12"x2" strips and then as you work up to the top you can use 6"x2" so there's not as much overlap. For the smaller tree I just used shorter lengths cut at 1 1/2" wide.

From here you need to add sticky strip on the backs of all lengths (i actually did mine after rolling them as you'll notice in the pictures but it's best to do first so your curls don't get squashed!!
I had a little helper in the office!! She gives the biggest CHEESES when she sees the camera!

Roll the DSP ends to make them curly!! I used a pen! Try and do it as firm and hard as possible, this will give you a very lovely curl! (thanks for the tip here Loretta!)

Start sticking the DSP to your cone. Start at the bottom with the curl hanging over the edges, so when it's completed they will sit up and your cone will be covered (no peeking colour underneath!)
Keep on going... and going .... and going..... each time I start I make sure the curl is overlapping the edge of my last piece.... Does this make sense???

Once close to the top carefully wrap around until happy and squeeze in together!!

Lastly I sprayed my trees the silver Smooch spray! It looks really cool and adds the sparkle it needs!

I gave these to my sister who LOVES things simple, I showed this at my last stamp club for the year and we added all the tinsel and topped it off with the star!! Do what you like with the finished product!!!

I'd love to see what you do, please send me a link if you give it a try!!! See you tomorrow,
only 2 days left of show and tell!!!!

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Trish *Spring Blossom* said...

WOW these look fab!!!!!!!! So very very very cute - such a great idea :)