Thursday, December 15, 2011

12 days of Christmas (inspiration) day 6

For the last few years I've wanted to hold a Christmas party! What a wonderful opportunity to get together with close friends and celebrate the season! In saying that it all comes soooo quickly that before I know it it's TOO late to send out invites and so it sadly gets passed by! When thinking about this last year we decided to do a New Years Eve party, this turned out SUPER FUN and everyone had a fabulous time. This year however I really wanted to get on the job early and so it was soon top of my "to do" list and it went ahead! YAY!

If you're thinking of having a party, whether it be for a few or for many it's not too late to organize one.... perhaps a New Years one is the way to go or even one in the New Year, early Jan! It can often seem too hard but the rewards of hanging out with those you love (chosen to love) are great and you certainly wont regret it!!!

Stampin' UP! have some really wonderful invitation sets and with some glitter for the season and an image you have them done.... EASY! (of course I'm big on texture and adding more ink, ribbon too but they can be involved or as easy as you like!!) I had lots of fun designing these and was really happy with the end result! Oh if you'd like to stamp the envelope the Winter Post stamp set is FANTASTIC for this with it's post mark stamp and vintage style!!
I hope that you are getting some great ideas for this Christmas time, I'm sure enjoying sharing them with you!!

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Cassie said...

These are so lovely, Sharnee! Textures always add that perfect touch :D