Wednesday, December 14, 2011

12 days of Christmas (inspiration) day 5

One of the most fabulously FUN things that I have made this Christmas would have to be the Bingo Game set! Oh what a great time it's been, colouring all the images and working out were to put them on each board (you have to place them in different spots so that it's fair when winning time comes!) and then playing the game!!

My Grandad when he lived here would LOVE to play a game of Bingo with me and the children, so this game has fond memories of precious moments past. The Jolly Bingo Bits goes PERFECTLY with the Bingo card Background stamp so it's a snap (as they say in the US) to make! I went with the colours from the NEW DSP Letter's to Santa and then punched out the disc's in the paper too!
It was fun watching the children play, I would call out the image (from the larger disc's) and they would place there coloured disc on the correct spot. The first one to get a ROW shouts BINGO and that's who WINS!!

Zeke made a pattern with his disc's,
I love that he went with Red and Green!
When I played I used all the colour disc's to make
everything co-ordinate,
it was very interesting to see how
everyone chose different themes.

Of course that's not enough for my treasures, they have to see who wins first in covering the WHOLE BOARD! One of my friends calls this WIPE OUT! It was such a blast and I've since then made at least 7 Bingo packs for friends!
What a super duper fun and cool gift for you to make! LOVE IT!!! Just LOVE IT!!!

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