Monday, December 12, 2011

12 days of Christmas (inspiration) day 3

I recently held a Christmas card Stamp-a-stack and had the most wonderful time making these cute little cards! They were SUPER easy and the little images were soooo fun to play with and make up different combo's!! I got my inspiration from the lovely Danielle Daws HERE. Every year I buy in a new Christmas set and this year I chose Jolly Bingo Bits! The children and I have had a blast making Bingo games too! (will see that in a post soon!)

Gorgeous Belinda getting her Jolly images right!

The very lovely Heather stamping away!

Bec (my talented down-line) and others!!

So here are the cards we made!!


Cassie said...

These are wonderful, Sharnee, and what fun you all must have had! I LOVE stamping parties! :D

Carli said...

sweet simplicity - there are lovely :)

Danielle Daws said...

These look fabulous! Thanks for your lovely comment! :-)

Sarah-Jane Kalé said...

Ohh.. ooh!!!.. I do believe that one of these gorgeous creations landed in MY letterbox!!!.. Thankyou lovely!! Be sure to keep an eye on your letterbox.. although I cheated this year, I'm sure it will make you smile!!

xx SJ