Thursday, December 19, 2013

DIY Christmas Star (made from wooden sticks)

 If you are looking for an easy gift idea that looks really lovely and is very in-expensive, then this wooden star is the gift idea for YOU!
Just gather yourself up some sticks, about the same thickness and then cut them to the same length!. Then place them on top of each other in lots of two. From there form your "star" shape. Next grab some ribbon or twine or string and wrap it around the end a good few times. Tie a knot.
 Continue doing this until you have 5 points all tied together! In the center where it crosses over I've also tied a little string to help hold my star in place, this way it doesn't all fall in to itself! Then it's ready to hang!
This makes a fantastic gift, something you've handmade always does!! What do you think? Any good ideas you have to share too? Another fabbo idea I saw over at Traveling Mama is HERE! Very groovy indeed!
Well with only 6 more sleeps I hope that you are getting your lists done and enjoying all of the Christmas spirit at this special time of year!

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