Thursday, February 12, 2009

Look at my precious children! They're so adorable, oh how i love them so :0) With my stamp-a-stack on tonight we've been baking lots of heart shaped biscuits...YUMMY!! I went with 2 new recipes, one of which my son Ezekiel has been asking me to make for at least 6 months but we never have all the ingredients!! So this time i made sure we did and we gave them a whirl! They are called Lebkuchen, a spice biscuit from German and Austrian origin which they traditionally serve at Christmas time but it does say in my Women's Weekly Big book of Beautiful Biscuits that they are great at any special occasion. So Valentine's day was the occasion and wow they are soooooooooooooooo yummy!!!! Anyway we had to coat the back with chocolate and so my kiddies were more than happy to help with that!!
Don't we all wish we could happily eat as much chocolate as we liked without feeling guilty?!? To be kids again!! I couldn't resist posting a pic of them enjoying every lick of the spoon, knife, bowl and what ever they could find with chocolate on it!! :0)


Anonymous said...

Oh yummy... that looks so much fun! I hope you had a great stamp-a-stack and there were some biccies left over for you!


Anonymous said...

OHHHH They are SOOOO cute!!! I am officially the proudest Auntie that ever was! Wish I had a spoon that I could have dipped into that chocolate too!!
It's lovely you had such a delightful time cooking!


Caron said...

Thank you kids for some very yummy biscuits. You did a great job with your Mum.