Monday, April 14, 2014

Mermaid Punch art card

My beautiful Sophia recently went to an Underwater theme party for one of her closest friends! When I asked her what kind of card would she make, I suggested to make something underwater like..... maybe a Mermaid?? Well that was that, she was on the computer "googling" mermaid punch art and this is what she made (idea from HERE)!!

She didn't think that the usual bikini looking top was at all appropriate so made their suits full piece!! LOVE that! The mermaid in summer starfruit is Sophia (with the long hair) and the Tempting Turquoise mermaid is her dear friend, she also has the special flower in her hair!! I love the rhinestone ear-rings and the love hearts with the added "light" touches!! I think that punch art is totally awesome for children, they really can make some amazing things!! I'm Soooo proud of my super Soph, just had to share with you all!!

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